DLT ASA reported a profit before tax of USD 3.8 million in the third quarter of 2021, up from USD -0.1 million in the corresponding period last year

“The third quarter of 2021 marked a successful quarter on DLTx’s development path and the company’s positive progression as a technology company doing business with blockchains. Our first Filecoin storage provider is fully operational and generating revenues, we have added key resources in IR and marketing, and are continuing to focus on building the foundations of Web 3.,” says Thomas Christensen, Chief Executive Officer.

DLTx reported a profit before tax of USD 3.8 million up from USD -0.1m in the corresponding period last year.

“The progress of DLTx since our birth in March has been phenomenal, and I am delighted that we can report a profit before tax of almost USD 4m for the quarter. This means that our earnings per share in the third quarter was USD 0.07, up 75 % from the second quarter,” says Christensen.

The company reported USD 806,000 in revenue for the quarter, with the majority coming from the File Storage Partners, the Filecoin storage provider which was established in August.

“It is also very satisfying that DLTx can report revenues of USD 806,000 for the quarter. File Storage Partners contributed USD 530,000 of revenue in the quarter even though September was the first full month of operation. For the same period the adjusted EBITDA of the operation was USD 400,000. Performance has been in line with expectations and at the end of Q3 the storage capacity was at 6,894 TiB with 7,260 FIL earned. The pipeline for expansions of the capacity is strong, and we have been able to attract multiple investors for new projects. These projects are in different development stages and I am looking forward to sharing them when they are finalized,” Christensen concludes.