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Introducing DLTX

DLTx is a technology company bridging distributed ledger technologies engaging in commercial business, physical infrastructure, and software services with the traditional economy. Leveraging the experience and network of our team we partner with the best-in-class companies in sectors being reshaped by the new digital economy to develop non-dilutive recurring revenue generating ventures.


DLTx supports public, permissionless, open source, blockchain networks because they offer the broadest benefit to users around the world and are free of the friction that comes with private, patented, or rent seeking companies acting as middlemen. In our vision of the future, users own the networks they use and benefit from them in numerous ways.

As a technology company, DLTx supports the development of the new digital economy through non-dilutive, cash generating ventures like digital asset mining, staking, validating and equity investments. We will partner with communities to create, grow, distribute and solidify their place and value within the thriving new global digital economy.

A once in a generation change is taking place. The world is evolving from cumbersome, exclusionary legacy systems to dynamic digital platforms that are accessible to all.

These platforms provide trustless transactions and enable the protected expression of free will, freedom of speech, and wealth creation. We believe this change is inevitable and our goal is to be a supporting contributor at the forefront of this revolution.

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